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Kevin Wong’s art

Check out Kevin Wong’s photography at his Online Gallery!

Kevin states “My fine art photography tends towards minimalist abstracts, diptychs, and photomontages. I focus on graphical elements, bold colors, and strong geometrics, trying to seduce the viewer into seeing a transformation of straw into gold.

Born in NYC, the green grass yards and farmland sandboxes of Princeton Junction, NJ is where I grew up. My first camera was my dad’s old 35mm Nikomat. All it took was a high school photo course for me to realize that photography was the perfect outlet for my creative self-expression (seeing as how my drawing skills are limited to stick figures and I prefer reading comics as opposed to drawing them). I survived the cold climate of Ithaca’s harsh winters and graduated Cornell with a B.A. from the School of Arts and Sciences.”
Kevin’s work has been displayed in several exhibits including:
Sept 2007 Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ “Shoot” (upcoming)
June 2007 Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ “Sizzle”
April 2007 Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ “Art in Bloom”

His work is unusual, unique and clever. Take a look at his galleries and give yourself a treat.

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