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New giclee available

Art by Kinnally

A unique and original digital¬†image of a white rhino has been added to the site. It’s available for purchase at Imagekind. The description reads:

This unique art image of a white rhino at rest is a digital mosaic where each “tile” or “stone” (tessera) appears to have a 3D look. This original artwork image appears to be a high quality photo of a complex and detailed mosaic. The arrangement of the apparent “stones” is such that they follow the contours of the rhino and lend a physical presence and strength to its appearance. The light on each tile comes from the upper left of the image, similar to the direction from which the sunlight strikes the rhinocerous. The tiles that represent the ground are longer & mainly horizontal to reinforce the flatness of the earth and display some of its small undulations. The background is a mass of multi-colored darks, mainly deep greenish hues, that represent the tangled vegetation that lie beyond this glorious beast.

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