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The Art of Naked Genius


Meet the Naked Genius Artists

 Nick Fuller – A passionate and successful  photographer with an eye for the exceptional.
Daniel Kazor – An ever evolving photographer influenced by a background in traditional painting and art mediums currently reinvigorated by the possibilities of digital photography.
D. L. Keur – works in a variety of real world and electronic media.  Very much a “zen” artist, Dawn let’s the art “happen.”  It is Dawn who is the main culprit guilty of instigating Naked Genius.
Edward Kinnally – Mensa member, inventor, published technical author, former Test Lab supervisor and member of an R&D group developing electroluminescent lamp technologies, and an awards winning digital artist.
Stacy Lee – a young, vibrant digital mixed media artist whose works explore the multiple facets of this ever-expanding technology and who focuses mainly on spiritual and emotive themes.
Revad – a former systems engineer with a BA in Computing and Technology, a member of the British Computer Society, an artist working toward an honours degree in Drawing for Fine Art Practice while exploring the fusion of traditional and digital new media.
J. Gracey Stinson – Gracey Stinson, an artist and grandmother who loves to get her hands on as many media as possible.  Her passion and adventure for exploration shows up in her widely diverse and beautiful artworks.
Tim Stringer – Tim Stringer is a digital painter who draws on his experience with conventional mediums.  He has degrees in IT and psychology and makes his living as a graphic artist. Look at the partial preview!

Art Exposed

I’m one of the artists in a group called “Naked Genius“. We’ve set up a website, published an art book “The Art of Naked Genius“, and are now writing a weekly newsletter that contains short, crisp articles blurb about each artist’s recent creations. A recent artwork usually accompanies each article.

The newsletter, “Art Exposed“, also usually features one piece of additional art every week. We take turns editing the newsletter, and the editor usually features one of his own creations and gives you a little insight about the work.

It’s an interestig newsletter and a short read, so it doesn’t take much time at all to review it. But you’ll see lots of little tidbits about the artists and their art, along with a few other little gems that will be scattered here and there. For example, in this week’s issue of “Art Exposed”, you’ll find seven new pieces of artwork and an article about an artist’s experience with Finerworks. Last week’s issue contains new artwork, and a fun and funky little artistic nonsense movie. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Art Exposed

Naked Genius, an artists’ collaboration group, has started a new newsletter at http://www.nakedgenius.com/art-exposed/. The first issue was launched on July 29, 2008. Among other items, it reports that Nick Fuller and I were both featured on the home page of Imagekind.com on the same day – a terrific coincidence!

In addition, it announces the release of a new line of my artwork  – “Design Art by Kinnally“. I’ve attached one pre-release artwork; see the article for the others and for information about the intent of the artwork. And while you’re there, look at the other great information about the artist members of Naked Genius.

Spiral 13a by Edward Kinnally, artist

Blogged at Imagekind

My artwork “Sirroco” is shown in today’s Imagekind blog. To see the featured artwork, click here.

'Sirocco', a giclee by Kinnally

Artistic Expressions

I’m one of the artists selected for a new art book “Artistic Expressions”, which can be seen at the PixelatedPalette.com Recommended Reading page. That page has more detail than the direct link to the Blurb bookstore.

You might recognize the Imagkind art and artists. I titled the book (most votes in a contest), did the reddish background art and we each have 3 pages of art + bio.

Thank you Elizabeth Edwards for putting this together!

Artistic Expressions