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2008 Calendar; Art by Kinnally

My 2008 Calendar for Art by Kinnally is now available at Zazzle. Have a peek 🙂

2008 Calendar calendar
2008 Calendar  by kinnally
Get this custom calendar at Zazzle

Mensa SEO

The Mensa Phoenix chapter sent out an image of my artwork Sinuosity #1, along with a little note mentioning my being featured artist for a day at Imagekind, and for the month in my local art league. It goes out to about 600 people and has links to Daniel’s blog “Art That Doesn’t Suck“, Sinuosity, and my main gallery. Alright!!! A little more SEO never hurts.

Art That Doesn’t Suck

I’m pleased that artist, writer and online entrepreneur Daniel M. Clark chose one of my pieces, Sinuosity #1 for his art blog, Art That Doesn’t Suck – October 20, 2007, for the week of Oct 20th, 2007. Thank you Daniel!

Sinuosity #1″

‘Sinuosity #1′, a Fine Art Giclee


If you’re an artist that is a member of imagekind.com, then please check out our artist’s forum where we collaborate on various projects, such as group calendars. Stop by and see what we’re up to!

Other artist’s blogs connected with this project are:

Sinuosity #1, a Fine Art Giclee

Here’s a new image that I’m getting very positive feedback about! People seem to enjoy its sleekness and rich look. It’s very stylish. I love this image, and I hope you’ll find it enjoyable too. I’m planning on making more artwork along these lines.
View the artwok at my Online Gallery.

Sinuosity #1

‘Sinuosity #1′, a Fine Art Giclee