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Catching up

Art by Kinnally

I’m very overdue in keeping this blog up to date. I’ve added several new pieces of artwork to my galleries at http://kinnally.imagekind.com. Please check them out. They are the result of many hours of effort, and I hope you enjoy them!

And I was the Featured member at Imagekind.com for a day! I spotted it accidently one morning. I’m very pleased with this as there are so many artists to choose from at Imagekind and they have to really like your art in order to be selected. Have a great day!

Featured at Imagekind

Kevin Wong’s art

Check out Kevin Wong’s photography at his Online Gallery!

Kevin states “My fine art photography tends towards minimalist abstracts, diptychs, and photomontages. I focus on graphical elements, bold colors, and strong geometrics, trying to seduce the viewer into seeing a transformation of straw into gold.

Born in NYC, the green grass yards and farmland sandboxes of Princeton Junction, NJ is where I grew up. My first camera was my dad’s old 35mm Nikomat. All it took was a high school photo course for me to realize that photography was the perfect outlet for my creative self-expression (seeing as how my drawing skills are limited to stick figures and I prefer reading comics as opposed to drawing them). I survived the cold climate of Ithaca’s harsh winters and graduated Cornell with a B.A. from the School of Arts and Sciences.”
Kevin’s work has been displayed in several exhibits including:
Sept 2007 Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ “Shoot” (upcoming)
June 2007 Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ “Sizzle”
April 2007 Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ “Art in Bloom”

His work is unusual, unique and clever. Take a look at his galleries and give yourself a treat.

Tumblers 1
Hey, check out my Online Gallery too 😉

Art by Kinnally

“Rhino Ruminations”, a Fine Art Giclee

Art by Kinnally

The previous white rhino art has drawn several positive responses; I’m glad to see that people enjoy it. Framed artwork is available at my Online Gallery. The thumbnail is a bit dark, but the finished product looks a lot nicer.

'Rhino Ruminations', a fine art giclee

I wish I had some black rhino art to add; a matched set would be nice. I’ll have to work on that if I can find the time. If you like rhinos, be sure to look at the t-shirts, hats, coffe mugs, etc. at my Cafepress site.

I’ve added two different images of a water lily to http://www.pixelatedpalette.com; they are faux mosaics. I’ve also added artwork of some gazinias. I hope you’ll enjoy them. Take a quick look here: http://www.pixelatedpalette.com/uniqueartgiclees/mosaicart.html
Water Lily (vertical)

I’m doing some work on some truly unique art pieces that I hope to have in place in a few weeks (it takes days just to render each one).

Best regards!

New pictures of the day

Two more image of the day pictures have been added to the site here. They are satellite images selected daily by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the NASA Earth Observatory.

Edit: Picture of the day has been discontinued.

New giclee available

Art by Kinnally

A unique and original digital image of a white rhino has been added to the site. It’s available for purchase at Imagekind. The description reads:

This unique art image of a white rhino at rest is a digital mosaic where each “tile” or “stone” (tessera) appears to have a 3D look. This original artwork image appears to be a high quality photo of a complex and detailed mosaic. The arrangement of the apparent “stones” is such that they follow the contours of the rhino and lend a physical presence and strength to its appearance. The light on each tile comes from the upper left of the image, similar to the direction from which the sunlight strikes the rhinocerous. The tiles that represent the ground are longer & mainly horizontal to reinforce the flatness of the earth and display some of its small undulations. The background is a mass of multi-colored darks, mainly deep greenish hues, that represent the tangled vegetation that lie beyond this glorious beast.