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Pierre Leduc Art Prints

This gorgeous art print of an American Hare in the woods, painted in 2004 and titled “Green Carpet”, captures the movement of the animal beautifully. Note the misty forest air, the details of the surroundings, and the overall atmosphere of the painting. Pierre Leduc prefers to work with acrylic paints, although sometimes he uses oil or lithography on stone. This particular piece was originally painted using acrylics. It was part of the 2005 Quebec Wildlife Foundation Stamp & Print Program.

Green CarpetPierre Leduc art print "Green Carpet"

This piece is available as framed art or unframed on paper or canvas, or mounted or laminated, depending upon which source you select.

Art Print Source #1     Art Print Source #2

Here are a few pictures of Leduc’s other available art prints, which can also be found at the above sources:

Fluttering WingsPierre Leduc art print 'Fluttering Wings'

 Au fil de l’eau IIPierre Leduc art print 'Au fil de l'eau II'

Blackburnian Warbler Pierre Leduc art print 'Blackburnian Warbler'

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