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This original post read”

“Any links to RSS feeds regarding sailing information or maritime topics of interest will be given serious consideration for inclusion at PixelatedPalette.com

So will any “pics of the day” of maritime interest, marine art, sailing, oceanic topics, and the like.”¬†


The focus of the website has changed to featuring affordable art prints. The picture of the day is gone and sailing info and similar pages have been deleted. Marine and other types of nautical¬†art, however, are still on the site and being expanded. That being said, PixelatedPalette is always looking for quality artists to review. If you have an Imagekind account with quality art, please send an email to the webmaster with a link to your gallery. Photography is not really the focus of the website, but drawings, illustrations, paintings, etc., are. Please don’t feel bad when you don’t receive a response; the ‘To Do’ list is extensive. But don’t be surprised if in the future you receive an email through your online gallery asking permission to post some of your work on the PixelatedPalette website!

If you don’t have an account at IK, email the webmaster anyway; the site is expanding and who knows what the future might bring? Besides, good art is always worth reviewing!

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